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409PTT 網絡對講機介紹


409PTT對講機服務是一個應用程式,配合對講機後 。開啟後,用戶只需一按就說話,語音信息便傳送到群組所有成員,過程簡單,溝通更加方便。


  • 介面簡潔易用,其他群組成員狀態 (在線/離線) 一目了然。

  • 可於2G、3G、4G LTE及Wi-Fi網絡下運作,跨越地域界限。

  • 為商業客戶而設的網上管理平台,輕鬆管理多達200個群組及每群組最多1000個組員 備有說話時間限制 語音傳送加密,保障對話內容 .

  • ​使用最強網絡對講機定位系統, 全球超過36個國家已有裝置伺服器 ,最可靠.

  • 無需安裝,隨意擺放,無懼干擾,無需佈線。

  • 安全密碼設置,保密性強。

  • 直接按PTT ,就可以對話。

  • 客人獨立自主可以透過自行管理平台,進行更改群組,啟動錄音數據存取、位置. 

什麼是一鍵通蜂巢式網路 (POC)?

Push to talk over cellular; as the name suggests, is an emerging technology that combines the well-known ‘Push to talk’ capability commonly used in two way radios with 4G cellular coverage. Due to utilising 4G the devices have very wide coverage being able to communicate with any device that has 4G coverage.

What Are The Advantages Of PoC?

Aside from the aforementioned wide are coverage there are many other advantages to PoC compared with a traditional two-way radio system. Some of the key advantages are listed below:
• No infrastructure costs – compared with traditional wide area systems which have very expensive set-up costs.
• GPS tracking – Push to talk over cellular allows users to track individuals in real time with the Dispatch feature.
• Versatile Contracts – You can easily manage data, with no lengthy contracts to sign up to.
• Compatible with Multiple devices – SFL’s PTTOC platform works on a wide range of devices that we supply. It is also compatible with Android and ios devices and we can supply a licence only package if you would like to use your own device.
• Features – PTTOC devices have the ability to support a wide range of features including man down and lone worker.
• Flexible payments – The devices are available both for hire and purchase and packages can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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